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Enter the 3D manufacturing revolution.


"A Third Industrial Revolution"
The fast growing 3D Printing Industry groups different processes using different materials, targeting diverse needs and generating a great variety of possible combinations.

What is 3D printing?

Hidden behind the well-known Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing appellative, a galaxy of exclusive names and acronyms differentiates very similar, if not identical, processes and materials - which may be somehow confusing for a newcomer approaching this disruptive technology...

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Our Technology

Industrie Additive focuses on industrial-grade, large and functional applications. Material extrusion, thanks to the reliability of the process and the certification of materials, is the most widespread technology. We've also developed innovative, dedicated solutions to simplify and automise the production process...

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Our Products

Our product range is designed to better satisfy professional 3D printing needs in manufacturing and functional prototyping, helping SMEs taking over additive technology.


Research Opensource Kit

Openbot is a suite of entry-level assembly-kits suited for professionals and SMEs needing to freely research and develop new process, materials or products. Openbot guarantees a solid and professionally supported framework, making it highly suitable to research center and universities as well as R&D departments - while its price positioning cuts off budget costs and will speed up 3D printing adoption.

M Series

Direct Energy Deposition

We are currently developing a next generation machines enabled by Direct Energy Deposition process; M Series's target is to produce large, near-net-shape, metal alloys parts at a fraction of the cost and time traditional manufacturing used to take.

D Series

Make it Easy

Highly efficient, extremely precise and elegantly designed, D Series machines represents a new standard in polymer-based enterprise 3D printing. Targeted specific solutions let users easily produce big, industrial-materials parts and a complete process automation (patent pending) makes D Series the winning solution for Professionals and Enterprise-grade customers.


Our Services

Try out our services. Searching for a quickest approach to the technology? From Engineering to small batches production, we loves your challenges.


From design to engineering, we disrupt the concept of manufacturing together with the customer, creating new components specifically design for additive manufacturing processes and providing services tailored on customers needs.


Industrie Additive has developed and offers innovative business model - inspired by distributed manufacturing - to its Corporate partners. First success stories are rolling out, contact us now to unleash DM potential within your organisation.


Still confused on how Additive Manufacturing could be a game-changing technology for your company? We dedicatedly support your organisation with targeted Full Service assistance, helping customers with professional support.